Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Liftmen - "The Liftmen"

I first heard this lot on Twisted Nerve compilation “This is the Winter of our Discount Tents” back in 2005, and was mightily impressed with the quirky bizarreness of “Meat Raffle”. However, having been burned many times by hearing a one-off track on compilations, rushing out for the album and being severely let down, I approached Bristol-based four piece The Liftmen's eponymous second album with some caution. Thankfully this is flipping excellent, running the gamut from the skewed garage rock of “Belly Can” and “Meat Raffle” to the giddy pop of “Sad Tail”.

There's also a surprisingly refreshing cohesiveness from a band whose members all have a go at singing. And I'm not someone who would usually condone singing drummers. Just look at Phil Collins.  (Although you can have fun telling Genesis fans that Phil Collins's “No Jacket Required” is the best Genesis related album ever made. Light fuse and stand well back...)

Anyways, in an ideal world, The Liftmen's Captain Beefheart style riffing would be blasted proudly throughout public buildings to remind people that life is quite good if you want it to be. But then, this is a world where you have the appalling Leona Lewis covering the comatose Snow Patrol. God help us.

Have a listen to these:

Belly Can

Sad Tail

And then buy it here

In fact, buy two and use the other one to throw at Leona Lewis and her big face. Or Snow Patrol. I don't really care which. Then watch them Run. Ahahaha. See what I did there?

I think that's enough.  It's probably good that no one actually reads this.



  1. Well, put it this way - if they ever play Manc please god don't make me go and see them.